Lisa F. (kittenchan) wrote in anthroarttrade,
Lisa F.

Drumroll Please

Congratulations to hockeysaurus! Just click here for the character description. The deadline for this contest will be July 5th at 8pm EDT, so get your drawings in early.

Please remember that you have to draw to be considered for the next go round. Once your character is drawn, you SHOULDN'T stop doing art. It's unfair to those who drew you and won't get a chance the next time around. Thanks!
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*Yelps as she is struck at*
Sor-ry for being a Senior Year student with a lot on her plate right now... Will try harder.
Hey Misty! I didn't mean to point a finger at you.. just a reminder to everyone! I understand being a senior year student and how much work it entails :) I look forwarad to seeing what you draw whenever you post it. Don't feel pressured, really :) *hugs* Sorry if I offended you, I really didn't mean to ^^;;;;
*Squees and huggles, then looks ashamed*
Sorry if my reply sounded kinda mean. I guess I was maybe in a tiny bad mood. No hard feelings kay?