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Profuse apologies from Alaria

Eeek! Sorry for not responding to you guys more quickly. I want to apologize profusely for my lack of communication. I can't speak for Zannah though I know she's been really busy, but I've been moving - across the world! I moved from Japan to the USA and then from one part of the USA to a different part of the USA >.< Again, I'm sorry, but in the hecticness that was the move, I didn't really have time to maintain the community. Zannah usually checks the email, I just checked it now, sorry about that too. Things have been fixed for molly__margay who should be able to post now :) Oh, and sailorscully? Sorry I didn't get a drawing in for you this time. I promise I'll have one up of Kegan soon! (it doesn't count towards who wins for the next round though...)

And as for the next to be drawn, I'd like to offer my congratulations to sakuranym_kit! The deadline for this round will be (because I suck) August 2nd at 8pm EDT. You can view her info here. Again, sorry! I hope that you all still want to continue with this community (I sure do!)

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