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Anthro Art Trade

Closed until further notice

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NOTICE Anthro Art Trade is currently closed! We will inform you when we re-open. Unfortunately, kittenchan and zannyvix are bogged down with real life currently. Keep checking back on our status!

The Anthro Art Trade Community was created as an alternative to the ever popular Furry Art Exchange Communities. First off, don't worry about lemurkat (founder of furartxchange and furartxchange2). We chatted with her before we started this, so be assured this is in no way an attack on any other art exchange community. We simply had an idea for a different way to run things and thought we'd give it a try. Interested? Ok, here goes...

1) This is a membership limited community. As of right now, the cap is set at 22 participating artists. We understand that not everyone will want to draw all the time, but the limit is in place to prevent us from becoming so swamped with members that people lose hope of ever having their character become the next community focus. Of course, anyone is free to join just to watch, but at this time we will only accept 20 artists (in addition to the two moderators). If the membership drops below 22, we will accept new petitions for participating artists.

2) We, the Moderators, have decided to target this community at the more mid-level artists in the fandom, and as such, we will screen the art of potential community members. Don't let this intimidate you if you are a beginning artist. Our intent is to prevent the 'Really Good Artists' from swooping down and snatching 'victory' away from those who sincerely try time after time but just can't compare with professional. No offense intended to said Uber Awsome artists, but the rest of us like to 'win' sometimes too.

3) You become a participating member by sending an Email to anthroarttrade@gmail.com with your username and a sample of your art, either linked in or attached to the message. We will survey your work and get back to you with a yea or nay decision. Your application MUST include a sample of your art to be considered. Don't worry about your character info yet. If you're accepted, you'll be able to post it in the community.

4) What is a mid-level artist? Likely, you're not a member of Yerf or any other elitist gallery, but you also know better than to draw on lined paper and pass it off as quality work. You may have reached a level where you're comfortable selling your work, but you aren't going to command $35-50 for a pencil sketch. We would like if you have at least a basic feel for technique, anatomy and proportions, but don't forget, effort is ever so important. We're not going to turn you away because you're still learning, but we will expect you to try and improve. Obvious lack of effort could get you removed from the active participants list.

5) How does this work? For starters, we're going to take a page from ssthisto (founder of furartxxxchange). Instead of a popularity contest, the subject will be chosen at random. Participating members will post their character information and we, the Moderators, will draw one name out of those for the first round. Members will then have two weeks to submit drawings of the character in focus. Those who participate will have their names put back in the hat and the next focus character will be drawn at random from them. Obviously, we don't expect that everyone will be able (or even want) to draw all of the time, but you MUST submit a drawing to have your name included in the next round. If a name is drawn twice before the community has cycled through everyone, it goes back in the hat to give someone who's character has not yet been focused on a chance.

6) To save time, we ask that everyone who participates post their character information with their picture submission, or if they plan to use the same character every time, to set the character's information as a memory. This way we won't have to wait for everyone to post their info after the next random name is drawn. We can just pull it up and get started right away.

7) What about rating? We're not currently requiring a specific rating limit on artwork. Because of this, we do ask that when members post their character information, they include their personal limit with it. This means you must specify a G, PG, PG-13, etc. rating when you post your information. This is not a yiff art targeted community. We ask that everyone be sensitive to the rating limits each person sets for their characters. Do keep in mind, however, if someone sets a high (PG-13 or above) rating, you are not obligated to draw at it. G rated pictures are perfectly acceptable in any situation.

8) So who's running this place, you ask? anthroarttrade was created and is moderated by kittenchan and zannyvix. We are both furry artists in our own rights and members of other art exchange communities as well. Anthro Art Trade is our attempt at creating a smaller, closer knit art exchange community. While we have no gripes with the larger exchange groups, we know the frustration that comes from competing with a large number of people and feeling like no matter how hard you try, you're just not good enough to 'win.' This community is our answer to that frustration.

Please be gentle; this is still in its experimental stages. If anyone has suggestions as to how we can improve the community, PLEASE feel free to tell us. We know this won't please everyone, but we'll be open minded if you've got good ideas.